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Purchase the Lithograph "Tribes of Israel":

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(arrives in 5-10 working days in EU; 8-21 days outside EU; same day delivery in Budapest, Hungary) 


"Tribes of Israel" was created as a homage to late Jewish artist Marc Chagall and his remarkable windows in Hadassa medical center in Jerusalem. Artist Monika G. Glass invites you to read the puzzle, using all possible hints, which are hidden in every one of the pieces – starting with the Hebrew  blessings of Moses and Jacob to every son, finishing with very universal visual language, where hints to the Bible, the geographical directions are hidden. Starting from the most famous symbols of Jewish nation – David star, seven-branched Menorah, famous stories from the Bible – Noah, Joshua, Moses, finishing with not that typical themes from the New testament.



Artist: Monika G. Glass, Curator: Avner Friedman


It's limited and numbered edition of high quality prints - Lithographs, published by the Association of Global Art (AGA), signed by the Artist Monika Glass and the curator Avner Friedman. Lithograph is packed in travel-safe packaging. 

Size of the Lithograph 29x42 cm.

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