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Purchase the Lithograph "Dina the daughter of Jacob":

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(arrives in 5-10 working days in EU; 8-21 days outside EU; same day delivery in Budapest, Hungary) 


Next to the traditional list of twelve tribes of Israel Artist decided to have dedication for the only mentioned daughter of Jacob – Dina. She, as one of the first feminists in the history was never considered to be a Tribe. Opposite – the fight for her love ended in tragic way, her beloved prince, together with all the
men of his tribe were cruelly murdered by two Dina’s brothers as a revenge. That’s why the story of Dina is connected with apple, which hints to the other biblical story about Adam and Eve, their first sin. In spite of many tragic events in Dina’s life, she is still keeping her feminine beauty and gentleness, showing feminine strength and fragility on the same time.



Artist: Monika G. Glass, Curator: Avner Friedman


It's limited and numbered edition of high quality prints - Lithographs, published by the Association of Global Art (AGA), signed by the Artist Monika Glass and the curator Avner Friedman. Lithograph is packed in travel-safe packaging. 

Size of the Lithograph 29x42 cm.

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Dina the daugter of Jacob by Monika G. G
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