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The catalog price of the artistic edition is 99 Euro. You are lucky to have significant discount proposal and purchase book directly from the publisher during presale only for 49 Eur including shipping worldwide if you contact us till March 1st, 2019


Josephine (Józefa Bujdo) was a Polish woman, who became a tragic victim of human history during WW2. She survived the Nazis and was murdered under Soviets.

Her diaries and letters were discovered only in 2015. They were accidentally found in Wales, UK, after 75 years, 5000 kilometers away from the place of exile, where they were written. The tragic story of his great-grandmother was brought for the readers by a leading British historian and interdisciplinary artist, Mr. Michael Daniel Sagatis, when the process of looking for his routes, led him to the incredible discoveries of his family story.

“Josephine’s Diaries” - a moving, exciting human tale through powerful and sincere confessions of a brave woman, who tells us the real story as well as the story behind the story simply and authentically.



Josephine's Diary ISBN 978-615-00-3981-7

Author: Michael Daniel Sagatis, Editor: Avner Shalom


Limited edition: only 50 copies; 

Artistic edition: artistic edition with original reproductions of all her letters and diaries. Every book was manually sewn and bound by a professional bookbinder;


Bilingual edition: All letters presented next to modern Polish translation, the most important letters translated to English, articles and summaries - Polish and English.

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