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Shoah Cellar Museum Wesselényi utca 9, 1077, Budapest, Hungary

Opening: November 2017

Artist: Zila Friedman


Curator: Monika G. Glass

Art Director

Association of Global Art (AGA)

Tzila Friedman is one of the leading Shoah (Holocaust) artists, who presently lives and works in Israel and Europe. As a second generation survivor, she is still struggling emotionally as well as physically to find a balance between the commemoration of her beloved people and expression of herself as an artist.

“In spite of all we are still creative and alive” is the internal voice calling not only from Tzila’s profound vision, but from an entire generation whose calling voice is her voice to a certain extent. She is the voice of a generation, of which still silent and a powerful voice calling, sometimes even a screaming voice, are mixed.

Mediums: Paper Art, Mixed media, Installation, Video

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