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Shoah Cellar Museum Wesselényi utca 9, 1077, Budapest, Hungary

Opening: August 2018

Hannah Senesh Poems within the depth cov

Artist:  Monika G. Glass


Curator: Avner Friedman

President and Founder Association of Global Art (AGA)

Monika G. Glass found suitable for this exhibition paper and paper cut as the subject matter, the matter, and its technique. M. G. Glass created an astonishing correlation between her illustrations and Senesh’s poems. She succeeded to achieve that by describing Senesh’s powerful artistic and personal biography purely and innocently, focusing on her short intense period of life through her military and poetic events.
This is a series of poetic metaphors, which should be analyzed through the small details: wind, growth, eyes, openness and closeness, coexistence between Human and Nature, white grey bands to cover the eyes, etc. Not accidentally Hannah is portrayed as a young naive girl, emphasizing the openness, sensitive and romantic sides of her, which were accompanied with her heroism as a warrior against the Nazis.

Mediums: Paper Art, Installation

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