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Shoah Cellar Museum Wesselényi utca 9, 1077, Budapest, Hungary

Opening: August 2017

Artist:  Monika G. Glass


Curator: Avner Friedman

President and Founder Association of Global Art (AGA)

Dina the Daughter of Jacob, according to the biblical story, was kidnapped and raped by the prince of the kingdom of Shchem (Nablus). He was the sun of Hammor (a donkey in Hebrew, a humiliating name, chosen by the biblical story teller). Dina, an independent Israelite heroin, the first feminist, chose a man (Schchem the son of Hammor), according to her preference and her father backed her in the end and took care of him.

Mediums: Glass, Stained glass, Installation, Light Art

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