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Purchase the set of 6 pictures "Hannah Senesh: Poems within the depth":

Price including shipping worldwide

(arrives in 5-10 working days in EU; 8-21 days outside EU; same day delivery in Budapest, Hungary)


Incredibly creative five pictures starting with Hannah’s childhood in Budapest and continue to her monumental poem “A walk to
Caesarea”. We face there a precise description of “The Sand and the Sea” as a manifestation of the poem. From Caesarea Israel – Kibbutz Sdot Yam, where Hannah was one of the founders, we continue with M. G. Glass’s pieces to Senesh’s heroic jump to her war against the Nazis. It is presented by the wings in “The Jump”, unifying the vital contradiction between the unfortunate jump falling down to her coming death, in days to come, and the wings keeping her alive, practically and symbolically speaking. The bitter tragic end of Hannah
was at Budapest prison and her brave death there. We keep it in mind as she fearlessly looked into death angel’s face, when she was shot by a Nazi German firing squad in Budapest. As she refused to cover her eyes, we see the symbolic exemplification of the eye bands in “Facing her death”. Manifesting her ideological consistent bravery, when murdered very young.



Artist: Monika G. Glass, Curator: Avner Friedman


Limited edition: only 50 copies;

Every set entails 6 pictures, 10x15 cm

Edition contains 5 illustrations of the book "Hannah Senesh: Poems within the depth" as well as unique drawing of Hannah Senesh, which already became symbol of the 75th anniversary for her heroic death and was also chosen for the cover of the book. 

Illustrations were made by paper cutting technique. 

For any questions and requests please contact us by email

or fill the inquiries form

Hannah Senesh Childhood by Monika G. Gla
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