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22 of Hannah Senesh poems are brought first time here in this anthology, translated into English next to the Hebrew origin. These great poems try to expose the story behind the story of this powerful heroine on to solve mysteries and enigmas of Hannah's life and death.

Book was published facing the coming 75th anniversary to heroic death of Hannah Senesh. It is limited artistic edition with colorful illustrations and short academic articles, revealing the inner logic of her poetry. 

Hannah Senesh Poems within the depth cov


Hannah Senesh: Poems within the depth ISBN 978-615-00-3373-0

Editor and Translator: Avner Shalom

Anniversary edition: Facing the coming 75th anniversary to heroic death of Hannah Senesh

Artistic edition: 102 pages, color illustrations, hard cover, high quality paper


Bilingual edition: Poems and articles in original language (Hebrew) presented next to English translation. Three most important poems translated to Spanish and Lithuanian as well.

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We hereby enclose the Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces' letter which is translated to English as follows: 

(to read letter in Hebrew, please click HERE)

Dear Avner,


Thank you for sending the book "Hannah Senesh, Poems within the Depth". 

The book traces in itself different works and poems, written by her all along her life stages. 

Hannah Senesh, like your father and all the warriors of Tashah (1948) generation, guaranteed in their own hands,

the foundation of the State of Israel, fought bravely, for our freedom, and created the very foundations of the army, which I am privileged to lead. The soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces and their commanders will continue to act in order to guarantee the security of the State of Israel and its citizens, by keeping the fighting spirit of the first Israeli warriors. 

I strengthen your hand to continue and to carry the vision of the Global Art.

Aviv Kokhavi, Liutenant General

The Chief of The General Staff

March 2019

Adar B 5,779


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