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We are celebrating Hannah Senesh's  birthday! 

Book "Hannah Senesh: Poems within the depth"  for birthday price who!


Blessing of the president for the new Hebraic Jewish year: DEAR MEMBERS AND FOLLOWERS, I FIND IT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO UPDATE YOU IN OUR RECENT ACTIVITIES. WE CONTINUE TO PRESENT OUR EXHIBITIONS ALL AROUND EUROPE COMBINED WITH LAUNCH EVENTS FOR OUR NEW PUBLICATIONS. I SHOULD EMPHASIZE OUR NEW BOOK OF HANNAH SENESH "POEMS within the depth", English and Hebrew in a special 75th anniversary artistic edition. I WISH YOU ALL Happy and Fruitful New Year. Avner F. Shalom, President and Founder

ברכת הנשיא לשנה החדשה: חברות וחברים עוקבות ועוקבים יקרים, ערב ראש השנה העברית התש"פ, אני מוצא חובה נעימה לעדכנכם במגוון פעילויות הארגון. אנו מוסיפים להפיץ את תערוכותנו ברחבי עולם בשילוב עם אירועי השקה של פרסומינו. בחרתי להדגיש הפעם את מהדורת היובל המהודרת של ספרה של חנה סנש במלאת 75 שנה למות הגבורה שלה. אני מאחל לכולכם שנה טובה, פורייה ומבורכת . אבנר פ. שלום, נשיא ומייסד

We hereby introduce you our new pilot project for those, who are missing qualitative artistic Audio content:

100 leading Israeli poems, first time presented in one anthology in electronic and audio book format. 

our vision

We make our best to evolve from the local to the global by creating a vital symbiosis of the two.


Our vision is to move all artistic activities from the local to the global entailing the personal and the monumental as well as the intimate and the public all together.

The Association of Global(AGA) is focusing mainly, but not only, on Glass Art, Monumental Art, Eco and Site Specific Art, Alternative and Interdisciplinary Art, Installation, Street and Social Art. AGA brings all disciplines to converge and connect them into one global art entity.

Are you an Artist?
Get in Touch!
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We always look for new artists for individual and group exhibitions, we are ready to entail individual pieces and thematic sets as well.

We work with various Galleries, Museums and Institutes all over the world, to get the best results from mutual cooperation.

You share our vision?

Planning your events and exhibitions calendar for the next year? Looking for strategic partner in your Art Department?

Searching for creative ways to update your work space?

Want to live in creative and changing atmosphere?

Contact us with your requests and creative visions to make it happen. 

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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